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ELM Genomics has been qualified to be one of the disruptive startups among 2022 batch of HealthCareLab International Acceleration program powered by Roche, EIT Health, CIVITTA, and European Union.


the lifelong DNA app that shows the genetic reports to our customers in the most meaningul way.


Our Product Portfolio

İlk-Bakış: Supplemental Newborn DNA Screening

İlk-Bakış is a highly accurate test that analyzes your baby’s DNA for more than 190 conditions that can affect children before the age of 10. It only screens for conditions that may be treated with medication, dietary modification, or other therapies. Our test can also be applied to adults to detect carrier status.

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İlk-Bakış: Adult Carrier Screening

“İlk-Bakış: Adult Carrier Screening” test is designed for our adult customers to identify the potential carrier status for the same 180 diseases/genes with lethal consequences that “İlk-Bakış Newborn Screening” screens for, allowing the parents or the future parents to benefit from family planning.

İleri-Bakış: Health & Lifestyle

İleri-Bakış empowers our users  to learn the most from their DNA and improve their physical and mental health by optimizing their lifestyle decisions. Our proprietary algorithm built upon Population Genetics scientific literature quantifies the tendencies for personality, fitness, skin care and nutrition. We further offer our customers to consult with an expert psychologist and take complementary non-genetic well-established personality tests and discuss over their results combining the “nature & nurture” first time in the field.

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Why İlk-Bakış Newborn Screening?

individuals are struggling
with rare diseases
across globe.

are children.

will not survive to see
their 5th birthday.


Insufficient screening

Most state-mandated nation-wide newborn screening programs screen for only 5 to 50 conditions.

The danger overlooked

The unscreened but lethal genetical conditions lead to premature child deaths, irreversible mental retardation and permanent phsyical disabilities. 

Parents under pressure

Underdiagnosis or extremely long diagnostic odysseys generate psychological and economical burden on parents at micro-scale, and on state and healthcare system at macro-scale.

Genetic unawareness

Lack of genetic awareness and carrier status in societies render family planning infeasible, exacerbating the problem.

The Solution:

Every baby is unique.
Get prepared and informed early about the genetic conditions your child might carry, and take action in time.