About us

ELM Genomics is a healthcare analytics startup providing software-based clinical decision support to its business partners and producing direct-to-consumer and B2B next-generation sequencing-based genomics products.

ELM Genomics have two completed and revenue-generating and two in-progress products in its portfolio.

“İlk-Bakış” is a comprehensive newborn genetic screening designed to complement the state-mandated biochemical newborn screening. On top of the 5 (in Turkey) and around 55 (in USA) state-mandated congenital diseases screened for every newborn, İlk-Bakış genetically screens for a total of 170 actionable diseases/genes whose prognosis can be improved. İlk Bakış screens for only the early childhood onset conditions and reports the pathogenic mutations with high penetrance, ensuring that parents are not stressed with clinically irrelevant information. Around the globe, around 300 million people are struggling with congenital rare diseases, half of which are children. 30% of these children will not be able to live to witness their 5th birthday. Most of these rare conditions go undiagnosed, or diagnosed very late after a long diagnostic odyssey. In return, this generates psychological and economical pressure and burden on the parents at micro-scale, and on healthcare and insurance system at macro-scale. Every individual avoided the irreversible mental retardation and permanent physical disabilities is at the core of our mission to increase the welfare of societies.

ELM Genomics is developing a cancer genome profiling genetic test product with the goal of reporting the main mutations driving the tumorigenesis of the patient and mutation load at large. This will truly enable the application of precision medicine by following the FDA-guidelines and treating the cancers with the correct chemotherapeutic agents that is known to respond.

We are also developing a pharmacogenetics test product with the goal of identifying the correct drug and its optimal dosage for patients prescribed with a myriad of medicines, from anti-depressants/anti-psychotics to anti-convulsant and antibiotics.

Our 2nd revenue-generating product called “İleri-Bakış” analyzes the DNA variations found in individuals (called SNPs) to inform the user with lifestyle traits under the categories of fitness, personality and nutrition, to allow them to develop themselves and increase their qualities of life.

Finally, we are developing a single online platform to display end user’s genetic data in a secure, user friendly and understandable manner.